International Activities


Scientific and Cultural Cooperation and International Protocols

A significant exchange of young researchers, coming from various foreign Countries, including several European Countries, Russia, Algeria, South Korea, China, India, Chile, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudia Arabia, has been always strongly encouraged in order to accelerate the growth of the structure and to integrate research activities at international level.

On 2015 some 40 external researchers visited the Institute and collaborated to its research activities. Biennial Bilateral Agreements of Scientific and Technological Cooperation, covering different aspects of the membrane science and technology field, have been signed between ITM and foreign homologous Research Councils  mainly for joint support of researcher mobility and staff exchange for short- and long-term training periods.

Agreements are currently running with South Korea, India, China, Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, Portugal, Taiwan, Israel.

Conferences and Seminars

The Institute is also involved in the sponsorization and organization of many different Conferences, Training Courses, Workshops and Seminars. These events provide a common platform for senior researchers and young students, coming from academic and industrial institutions, where  to identify areas of mutual research interest and discussing about the state-of-the-art of membrane science, results and future perspectives.




Participation to Research Projects

ITM participates and coordinates various Research Projects on a national and international level, sponsored by European Union, by the Italian Government and by various industrial groups.



ITM is also involved in dissemination activitiess through the publication of Newsletters, Brochures and Reports of a more general nature and devoted to a larger public of non experts.