2nd International Workshop on Membrane Distillation and Innovating Membrane Operations in Desalination and Water Reuse 2IWMD2015, Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer, Ravello (SA) - Italy, 1 - 4 July, 2015


Italy - Korea Workshop on Innovative integrated membrane operations in water treatments and reuse, and energy production, Hotel Rufolo, Ravello (SA) - Italy, 28 June - 1 July, 2015  


Workshop II Bioartificial Liver And Tissue Engineering, nell'ambito del progetto BIOART Project FP7, Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro (CS) - Italy, 24 - 26 September, 2014


Second Training Workshop on "Functionalized membranes for Wastewater Treatment - Nanoparticles and surface modifications" nell'ambito del Progetto FP7 "BioNexGen - Development of the next generation bioreactor system”, Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro (CS) - Italy, 15 - 17 May, 2013


Doublenanomem Workshop, nell'Ambito del Progetto FP7 "DoubleNanoMem  Nanocomposite and Nanostructured Polymeric Membranes for Gas and Vapour Separations, Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro (CS) - Italy, 15 - 18 May, 2012


Nemopur Workshop on “Progresses in Organic Solvent Nanofiltration, nell'ambito del Progetto ITN FP7  “NEMOPUR - New Molecular Purification Technologies for Pharmaceuticals Production”, Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro (CS) - Italy, 23 - 25 April, 2012


International Workshop on Membrane Distillation and Related Technologies, Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer, Ravello (SA) - Italy,  12 October, 2011


Korea-Italy Workshop on "Chemistry and Energy: Membrane Engineering for a Modern Energy Engineering" Seoul, Korea, 16 - 17 June, 2011


7th Italy - Korea Workshop on “Membranes for a clean environment”, Ravello (SA)  Italy, 4 - 6 June, 2010


IMeTI Workshop on "Membrane Applications in Agrofood", within the Marie Curie Action "Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways" - IMeTI, Cetraro (CS) – Italy, 18  20 October, 2009.


NanoMemFood Workshop on Membrane Processes in Food: safe and sustainable production methods - WP11.2, Paris (France), 20 March, 2008


5th Italy-Korea workshop “Membranes and membrane processes for a clean environment”, Hotel Naxos Beach Resort in Giardini Naxos, Taormina (ME) - Italy, 29 - 30 September, 2006


Workshop on Membranes in Back-design and mass production of membrane material – WP10 Rende (CS) - Italy, 4 April, 2005


Workshop on Membranes in Food quality: safer production methods – WP11.2 Rende (CS) - Italy, 5 April, 2005


Italy-Russia Workshop on "Membrane Technology for a Sustainable Industrial Productions", organizzato dall'ITM - CNR insieme all'A.V. Topchiev Inst. of Petrochem. Synthesis of Academy of Science, Moscow (Russia) Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro (CS) - Italy, 17 - 20 September, 2003


1st Italy "China Workshop on the State of research and applications of membrane operations for a sustainable growth", organizzato dall'ITM - CNR insieme al Membrane Industry Association of China (MIAC), Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro (CS) - Italy, 1 - 4 July, 2002


3rd Italy - Korea Workshop on "Membranes and Membrane Processes for Clean Energy and Clean  Environment", organizzato  dall'IRMERC - CNR insieme al KRICT  (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology - Membrane and Separation Research Center), Grand Hotel San Michele - Cetraro (CS) - Italy, 23 - 27 September, 2001


Italy-Japan Workshop on Catalytic Membrane reactors and Integrated Membrane Operations, Cetraro (CS) - Italy, 23 - 27 September, 1999


Workshop on "Membrane Distillation and Membrane Contactors", in cooperazione con il  Working Party on Membranes of the "EFCE", Cetraro (CS) - Italy, 1 - 4 July, 1998 


1st Italy/Korea Workshop on "Membranes and Membrane Operations", in cooperazione con il Korean Research Inst. of Chemical Technology (KRICT), Cetraro (CS) - Italy, 11 - 12 November, 1997 

  3rd Workshop on "Integrated Catalytic Membrane Reactors", Universita' della Calabria, Rende (CS) - Italy, 29 - 30 April, 1996