Accordi Bilaterali


In corso




Cooperation Research Agreement between ITM-CNR and the Université Bordj-Bou-Arreridj, Le laboratoire Matériaux et systèmes électroniques (LMSE)


Cooperation Research Agreement Between ITM-CNR and Faculty of Technology, Novi Sad University


Cooperation Research Agreement between ITM-CNR, ITRI (Industrial technology Research Institute) and NTU (National Taiwan University)

South Korea

Joint International Laboratory on Membrane Technologies between ITM-CNR and Hanyang University (Seoul)


Upgrading fruits and vegetables juice quality and enhancing by-products utilization through integrated membrane processes, CNR – CAAS, Citrus Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Beibei)


Membrane contactors for arsenic(III) to arsenic(V) conversion, CNR - CSIR, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research - Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute (Kolkata)

Repubblica Ceca

Novel composite membranes containing selected ionic liquids and polymers for gas and vapour separations, CNR - AVCR, Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals (Praga)


Development of biocompatible membranes to be used in bioartificial skin, CNR-PAN, Institute of Biocybernetic and Biomedical Enginieering Polish Academy of Sciences (Warszawa)


Study of the chitosan-cell membrane interaction for the neuronal regeneration, CNR-CNPQ, Institute of Physics of São Carlos - IFSC, University of São Paulo – USP (São Carlos)


Study and development of unconventional methods to control fouling of enzymatic membrane reactors by magnetic nanoparticle-coated membranes
, CNR-FCT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Caparica)





Membrane Processes and Pervaporation Processes, CNR-CAS, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy (Pechino)

Studies on membrane technology for the production on superior quality citrus juice concentrate, CNR – CAAS, Citrus Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Beibei)


Liquid membrane assisted leaching of some natural ores for improving metals extraction, CNR – ASRT, National Research Center (NRC), (Cairo)


Chromium recovery from tannery effluents by membrane techniques, CNR – ASRT, National Research Center (NRC), (Cairo)


Synthesis and characterization of inorganic membranes, CNR – CNRS, Lab. de Matériaux et Procés Membranaires, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie (Montpellier)

Development of an integrated membrane system for the production of high quality concentrated citrus juice, CNR – CNRS, Dep. de Génie Biologique, Université de Technologie de Compiègne (Compiègne)

Semipermeable membranes as means for cell oxygenation and as immunoselective barriers in bioartificial organs, UMR 6600 CNRS – Biomecanique at Genie Biomedical, Université de Technologie
de Compiègne (Compiègne)


Development of separation processes with membranes in the field of biotechnology and catalytic membrane reactors (Joint Project JJ1), CNR - JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science), National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research (NIMC) (Tsukuba)


Membranes for CO2 and other gases separation, CNR - KOSEF (Korea Science and Engineering Foundation), Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) (Daejeon)

Agreement on Academic Exchange, CNR – Hanyang University, Research Institute of Industrial Science, Hanyang University (Seoul)

India Functionalized ZnO nano tubular membrane assembly for CO2 capturing: design, fabrication and performance assessment studies, CNR - NIIST, National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science & Technology - Sol-gel Nano ceramics section (Trivandrum, KERALA)


Inorganic Membranes, Applications to Effluents Treatment, CNR - CNRST, Univ. Sidi Mihamed ben Abdellah - Faculté des Sciences Dhar El Mahraz (Fès)


Membrane distillation, osmotic distillation and membrane contactors, CNR – RAS, Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, Russian Academy of Sciences (Mosca)

Ultrapure hydrogen production from methane with energy savings and a reduction in environmental pollution, CNR – RAS, Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, Russian Academy of Sciences (Mosca)

Purification of ground waters in catalytic membrane reactors, CNR – RAS, Membrane Research Group, Boreskov Inst. of Catalysis, Novosibirsk)