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SEMINAR on "Membranes and Membrane Technology in Medical Applications" - Dr. Ing. Bernd Krause
April 15th , 2019 - Cubo 17/C - 4th Floor Campus Università della Calabria - Rende (CS), Italy
February 15th , 2019 - Cubo 12/C - Aula Terenzi - 5th Floor Campus Università della Calabria - Rende (CS), Italy
La Notte Dei Ricercatori - SUPERSCIENCEME - Research in your Reach

September 28th , 2018 Campus Università della Calabria - Rende (CS), Italy

Kick-off meeting SuperScienceMe - MSCA-NIGHT-2018 CSA
14th june, 2018 University of Calabria Rende (Italy)
2th International Workshop on Membrane Distillation and Innovating Membrane Operations in Desalination and Water Reuse 21WMD2015 

July 1st - 4th , 2015 Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer Ravello (SA), Italy



9th Italy - Korea Workshop on "Innovative integrated membrane operations in water treatments and reuse, and energy production"

June 28 - July 1, 2015 Hotel Rufolo (SA) - Italy


XXXI EMS Summer School 2014 on Innovative Membrane Systems
September 28 – October 3, 2014 Grand Hotel San Michele Cetraro (CS)


ECI Conference on Advances in Science and Engineering for Brackish Water and Seawater Desalination II, September 29 - October 3, 2013, Cetraro, Italy


EA3: Nano-structured materials and Membranes in the Food Industry – Training Course, within the Marie Curie Action "Intra-European Fellowships" - NanoMemCourse, Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro (CS), 15 - 24 September 2010.

  ECI Conference on “Advances in Science and Engineering for Brackish Water and Seawater Desalination”, 9 - 12 Maggio 2010 Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro (CS)

First Sino-EU International Workshop on Membrane Technology, Weihai (China), October 13 -15, 2008.

  EMCC5 - 5th Chemical Engineering Conference for Collaborative Research in Eastern Mediterranean Countries, Grand Hotel San Michele in Cetraro (CS) - Italy, May 24 - 29, 2008

China-EU Seminar on the Application of Membrane Technology & Cooperation Fair, July 8 - 12, 2007, Weihai (China)


EUROMEMBRANE 2006, the Conference of the European Membrane Society, September 24-28, 2006, Hotel Naxos Beach Resort in Giardini Naxos, Taormina (Messina)


ECI Conference on “Advanced Membrane Technology III: Membrane Engineering for Process Intensification”, Cetraro, Grand Hotel San Michele, 11 - 16 June 2006


7th International Conference on Catalysis in Membrane Reactors (ICCMR7), Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro (CS), September 11 – 14, 2005


NATO/CCMS Pilot Study on Clean Products and Processes-Phase II, sponsorizzato dalla  NATO Committee on the Challenges to Modern Society (CCMS), Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro (CS), 11th - 15th  May, 2003


Ravello Conference on "Catalysis in Membrane Reactors, New Frontiers for Catalytic Membrane Reactors & Other Membrane Systems", organizzato dall'IRMERC - CNR insieme alla European Science Foundation of Strasboug (France) ed il Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science, Ravello (SA), 22-27 May 1999


Course on Membrane Operations for Sea Water and Brackish Water Desalination, Cetraro, Italy, Oct. 2-7, 1998


Seminar on "Ecological applications of innovative membrane technology in the chemical industry", organizzato da IRMERC e Nazioni Unite, Cetraro 1 - 4 May 1996


Advanced Course on Membrane Technology COMETT II, (Rende - CS) 14-18 June 1994


Advanced Course on Membrane Technology COMETT, (Rende, CS) 3-6 May 1993


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