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Institute on Membrane Technology (CNR-ITM) 
c/o University of Calabria 
Via P. Bucci cubo 17/C 
87030 Rende CS


Biographical Note

Guest Professor of School of Marine Science and Technology of Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai, P.R.China (01 January 2018 – 31 December 2020)

Distinguished Visiting Professor, Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney, Australia (January 2016)

Distinguished Adjunct Professor, Center of Excellence in Desalination  Technology, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah Saudi Arabia (2012)

WCU (World Class University) Distinguished Visiting Professor, Department of Energy Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul Korea (2009)

Emeritus Professor, School of Engineering of the University of Calabria (2012)

Professor of Chemistry and Electrochemistry at the School of Engineering of the University of Naples (since 1968-1982)

Professor at the School of Engineering of the University of Calabria (1981-2011).

Dean of the School of Engineering of the University of Calabria (1982-1985).

Founding Director of the Institute on Membrane Technology (ITM) of CNR (from 2011)

Director of the Institute on Membranes and Chemical Reactors of the National Research Council (1993 - 2001).

Director of the Institute on Membrane Technology (ITM) of CNR (2002 - 2008)

Coordinator of  Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in Membrane Engineering (EUDIME) (2011-present).



Honorary Citizen Weihai City, China, for his contribution to Weihai City development (2016)

MIAC International Award for International Collaboration and Promotion (October 2015)

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2014)

Academician Semenov Medal of Russian Academy of Engineering Science (2014)

Honorary Membership of the Czech Society of Chemical Engineering (2012)

“Richard MalingBarrer Prize” of the European Membrane Society, for his “outstanding contributions to membrane science and technology” (2011)

Doctorate Honoris Causa from University of Paul Sabatier of Toulouse, France (2009)

International Cooperation Honor Award, Membrane Industry Association of China (MIAC).

Guest Professor, Jiangsu Polytechnic University, China (2005 – Present)

Honorary President, European Membrane Society (1999)

Doctorate Honoris Causa in Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Russian Academy of Science (1992)

Honorary Professor, China Northwest University in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China (1991)

President, European Society of Membrane Science and Technology (European Membrane Society) (1982-1998)

Member of the Advisory Board of the “Journal of Membrane Science” and of the “Polish Journal of Chemical Technology”; Member of the Editorial Board of Desalination, Separation Science and Technology and various (12) other International Scientific Journals.

Executive Editor: Applied Water Science Journal, Springer Berlin Heidelberg (Germany)

Executive Editor (for Europe): Membrane Water Technology, Techno Press (Korea)

Author of more than 800 scientific papers, 22 patents and and 24 books in the field of Membrane Science and Technology.

Research Interests

      1. Science and Engineering of membrane operation

      2. Membrane Science and Engineering

      3. Process Intensification

      4. Integrated Membrane Processes

      5. Regenerative Medicine

Current research topics

      1. Membrane Science and Engineering

      2. Membranes in Artificial Organs

      3. Integrated Membrane Processes

      4. Membrane Preparation and Transport Phenomena in Membranes

      5. Membrane Distillation and Membrane Contactors

      6. Catalytic Membrane and Catalytic Membrane Reactors

      7. Desalination of brackish and saline water

      8. Salinity Gradient Energy Fuel Cells


A particular interest is devoted today to the study and development of integrated membrane systems well consistent with the process intensification strategy. Most of the traditional unit operation of process engineering, can be designed as membrane units, from molecular separations to membrane reactors, and mass and energy transfer between different phases. Membrane Distillation, Membrane Crystallization and Membrane Condenser are a typical examples.

[Membrane Materials for Addressing Energy and Environmental Challenges, Enrico Drioli;  Enrica Fontananova, Annual  Review Chem. Biomol. Eng. 2012. 35:395–420]

[Processintensificationstrategies and membrane engineering, Enrico Drioli; Adele Brunetti;Gianluca Di Profio;Giuseppe Barbieri, Green Chemistry, 2012, 14, 1561]

[Progress in membrane crystallization Enrico Drioli; Gianluca Di Profio; Efrem Curcio;  Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering 2012, 1:1–5]

Selected Pubblications

1.  C. H.Park, E.Tocci, E. Fontananova, M. A.Bahattab,S.A.Aljlil, E.Drioli, Mixed matrix membranes containing functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes: Mesoscale simulation and experimental approach for optimizing dispersion, Journal of MembraneScience (Imp.Factor 5557, SNIP 1707)  514(2016)195–209

2. F.Kim, J.H.Kim, Y.M.Lee, E.Drioli, Thermally Induced Phase Separation and Electrospinning Methods for Emerging Membrane Applications: A Review, AIChE Journal, 2016, 62, 461-490

3. Brunetti, A., Cersosimo, M., Kim, J. S., Dong, G.,Fontananova, E., Lee, Y.M., Drioli, E., Barbieri, G., Thermally rearranged mixed matrix membranes incorporating oxidized carbon nanotubes for CO2 separation ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2016 (Impact Factor 7.145) submitted

4. C. Rizzuto, A. Caravella, A. Brunetti, C. H. Park, Y. M. Lee, E. Drioli, G. Barbieri, E. Tocci, Sorption and Diffusion of CO2/N2 in gas mixture in thermally-rearranged polymeric membranes: A molecular investigation, Journal of membrane science, 2017, 528, 135-146

5. Zhang, Y., Wang, X., Cui, Z., Drioli, E., Wang, Z., Zhao, S., Enhancing wetting resistance of poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes for vacuum membrane distillation, 2017, Desalination, 415, 58-66

6. Drioli, E., Ali, A., Macedonio, F., Membrane operations for process intensification in desalination Applied Sciences (Switzerland), Volume 7, Issue 1, 2017, Article number 100


Recent Books

Membrane Systems For Bioartificial Organs and Regenerative Medicine

De Bartolo, Loredana / Curcio, Efrem / Drioli, Enrico


ISBN 978-3-11-026798-3


Comprehensive Membrane Science and Engineering 2nd Edition

Editors: Enrico Drioli Lidietta Giorno Enrica Fontananova

Elsevier 2017, Book ISBN: 9780444637758


Encyclopedia of Membranes   

Editors: Drioli, Enrico, Giorno, Lidietta (Eds.) Springer, 2016


DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-40872-4

Online ISBN: 978-3-642-40872-4; Print ISBN: 978-3-662-44323-1; eReference ISBN: 978-3-662-44324-8; Print + eReference ISBN: 978-3-662-44325-5




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