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a.gordano@itm.cnr.it  -  amalia.gordano@cnr.it

Tel: +39 0984 492090

Institute on Membrane Technology (CNR-ITM) 
c/o University of Calabria 
Via P. Bucci cubo 17/C 
87030 Rende CS


Biographical Sketch

Researcher at CNR-ITM since 2000, degree in Organic Chemistry.She participated in various research projects funded by the EU, MIUR, CNR and private companies in the field of membrane preparation and characterization. Author of patent in Italy, Europe, United States and Japan. She is co-author of many scientific papers published in scientific journals, book chapters, various invited lectures and various contributions at scientific conferences on membrane science. 


Main fields of research:

  • Preparation of dense and microporous polymeric membraneswith phase inversion
  • Characterization of polymeric membranes (Water permeability, contact angle measurements, SEM)
  • Morphological study of membrane surfaces with AFM, surface roughness and porosity analysis
  • Study of new materials for membrane preparation
  • Design of new membranes with controlled structure and morphology

Most representive publication:

  • Khdhayyer, A. F. Bushell, P. M. Budd, M. P. Attfield, D. Jiang, A. D. Burrows, E. Esposito, P. Bernardo, M. Monteleone, A. Fuoco, G. Clarizia, F. Bazzarelli, A. Gordano, J. C. Jansen “Mixed matrix membranes based on MIL-101 metal–organic frameworks in polymer of intrinsic microporosity PIM-1”, Sep. and Pur. Tech., 212, 545-554 (2019).
  • Gordano “Natural Gas Composition: Which Are the Requested Separations for Them?”, ch 19 in Current Trends and Future Developments on (Bio-) Membranes, 1st Edition, Elsevier (2018).
  • Dalena, A. Senatore, A. Marino, A. Gordano, M. Basile, A. Basile, “Methanol production and applications. An overview”, ch1 in The Science and Engineering of Methanol, Elsevier (2017).
  • Salerno, S. Morelli, F. Giordano, A. Gordano, L. De Bartolo “Polymeric membranes modulate human keratinocyte differentiationin specific epidermal layers”, Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces (Print), 146, 352-362 (2016).
  • Gordano A., Buonomenna M.G. Chapter in Book, “New Materials, New Devices, New Solutions: How to Prepare a Membrane”, CRC Press, Boca Raton (Stati Uniti d'America) (2011).
  • G. Buonomenna, A. Gordano, G. Golemme, E. Drioli, “Preparation, characterization and use of PEEKWC nanofiltration membranes for removal of Azur B dye from aqueous media”, Reactive & Functional Polymers, 69, 259-263 (2009).
  • G. Buonomenna, A. Gordano, E.Drioli “Characteristics and performance of new nanoporous PEEKWC films”, European Polymer Journal, 44, 2051-2059 (2008).
  • Rende M, Morelli S, Giusi G, Salerno S, Piscioneri A, Gordano A, Canonaco M, Drioli E. “Effect on membrane surface on hippocampal neuronal cell differentiation”, Tissue engineering. Part A, 14, 725-726 (2008).
  • De Bartolo, M. Rende, S. Morelli, G. Giusi, S. Salerno, A. Piscioneri, A. Gordano, A. Di Vito, M. Canonaco, E. Drioli, “Influence of membrane surface properties on the growth of neuronal cells isolated from hippocampus”. Journal of Membrane Science, 325, 139-149 (2008).
  • M.G. Buonomenna, L.C. Lopez, P. Favia, R. d’Agostino, A. Gordano, E. Drioli, “New PVDF membranes: The effect of plasma surface modification on retention in nanofiltration of aqueous solution containing organic compounds”. Water Research, Vol 41, Issue 19, 4309-4316 (2007).


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Istituto per la Tecnologia delle Membrane CNR-ITM
Via Pietro Bucci cubo 17/C
87036 Rende (CS)   Phone: +39 0984 492027

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