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g.clarizia@itm.cnr.it  -  gabriele.clarizia@cnr.it

Tel: +39 0984 492037

Institute on Membrane Technology (CNR-ITM) 
c/o University of Calabria 
Via P. Bucci cubo 17/C 
87030 Rende CS


Biographical Sketch: 

He graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1995, received his PhD in Chemical Technologies and New Materials in 1999 at the University of Calabria. He is a researcher since 2000 and has more than 25 years of experience in the field of gas separation with membranes, mainly polymeric, also as mixed matrix, in flat and hollow fiber form, taking care of aspects of preparation and characterization. By virtue of a consolidated background in the analysis of chemical processes, modelling, sizing and integration of membrane systems in production cycles, he has collaborated in several national and European research projects, participating in numerous international conferences. He is co-author of over 70 papers in international scientific journals and is also reviewer for some of them. During his research activity, he spent several periods abroad (USA, Belgium, Czech Republic) helping to develop collaborations with foreign research institutions.

Main fields of research:

  • Preparation and characterization of polymeric membranes in flat and hollow fiber form with symmetrical, asymmetric and composite morphology, determination and evaluation of their transport properties for gases and vapors.

  • Study and interpretation of transport phenomena in homogeneous and heterogeneous (composite) polymer matrix systems.

  • Analysis and sizing of membrane units for the separation and purification of gas mixtures within integrated processes of industrial interest.

Most representive publication:

  • Clarizia, G., Tasselli, F., Simari, C., Nicotera, I., Bernardo, P. Solution Casting Blending: An Effective Way for Tailoring Gas Transport and Mechanical Properties of Poly(vinyl butyral) and Pebax2533, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123(17) (2019) pp. 11264-11272.
  • Bernardo, P., Prete, S., Clarizia, G., Tasselli, F. Effect of external fluid and inline crosslinking on the performance of polyimide hollow fibres prepared by using a triple–orifice spinneret,  Journal of Membrane Science 570-571 (2019) pp. 410-417.
  • Bernardo P., Scorzafave V., G. Clarizia, (…), F. Tasselli, “Thin film composite membranes based on a polymer of intrinsic microporosity derived from Tröger’s base: A combined experimental and computational investigation of the role of residual casting solvent”, Journal of Membrane Science 569 (2019), 17-31.
  • Rose I., Bezzu C.G., Carta M., Comesanã-Gándara B., Lasseuguette E., Ferrari M.C.,  Bernardo P., Clarizia G.,(…) , N.B. McKeown, “Polymer ultrapermeability from the inefficient packing of 2D chains”,  Nature Materials, 16(9) (2017), 932-937.
  • Shamsipur, H., Dawood, B.A., Budd, P.M., (...), Clarizia, G., Jansen, J.C., Thermally rearrangeable PIM-polyimides for gas separation membranes, Macromolecules 47(16) (2014) pp. 5595-5606.
  • M. Carta, (…), G. Clarizia, K. Friess, M. Lanč, N. B. McKeown, “Triptycene induced enhancement of membrane gas selectivity for microporous Tröger's base polymers”, Advanced Materials 26(21) (2014), 3526-3531.
  • A. Iulianelli, G. Clarizia, A. Gugliuzza, D. Ebrasu, (…), A. Basile, Sulfonation of PEEK-WC polymer via chloro-sulfonic acid for potential PEM fuel cell applications, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 35 (2010) 12688-12695.
  • Chiappetta, G., Clarizia, G., Drioli, E., Theoretical analysis of the effect of catalyst mass distribution and operation parameters on the performance of a Pd-based membrane reactor for water-gas shift reaction, Chemical Engineering Journal 136(2-3) (2008) pp. 373-382.
  • Clarizia, G., Algieri, C., Drioli, E.   Filler-polymer combination: A route to modify gas transport properties of a polymeric membrane, Polymer 45(16) (2004) pp. 5671-5681.
  • Arcella, V., (...), Gordano, A., Clarizia, G., Drioli, E. A study on a perfluoropolymer purification and its application to membrane formation, Journal of Membrane Science 163(2) (1999) pp. 203-209.


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Istituto per la Tecnologia delle Membrane CNR-ITM
Via Pietro Bucci cubo 17/C
87036 Rende (CS)   Phone: +39 0984 492027

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